Virtual Field trips

I try to do at least two field trips per quarter, we visit the local machine shops so students can get an idea of what the demands of the industry are. Boeing is by far the hardest company to get into so I started showing a virtual tour of the 747 plant in everett.

National Geographics has a series called Mega Factories:

Besides the Boeing 747 plant, my favorite tours are:



The Smithsonian tour posted on the cool wiki’s page was  easy to navigate and had a great sense of realism. it reminded me of the move Night at the Museum.


YouTube Videos

I found a ton of “how to” videos on YouTube that will help students understand the basics of setting up machinery. Two processes that I will try to improve on through video, and that I tend to cover multiple times per quarter are:

  • Tramming the head of a Knee mill and squaring up a vise.
  •  Aligning the tail stock of a lathe.

The two video’s below explain the processes and are basically what I have in mind.

Formative Assessment inaction

After two weeks these guys thought they were ready for the big show. To my surprise, they were able to finish the parts I assigned. Looks like i’m going to have to adjust the complexity of my projects. Nice job gentleman!

Zachary Bert                                                                   Spencer ScottIMG_0412IMG_0407

The first glance

Hello again,

After many 12 to 14 hour days, we finally have a working shop. Students will be able to get out of the classroom and start their lab work Monday morning.

AMTEC Open House will be held Wednesday October 1st, Governor Jay Inslee will be performing a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2:00 pm. Stop in if you have a chance and check out my new home.


909 N. Broadway

Everett WA,98201

IMG_0402 IMG_0404909 N. Broadway at co


Hello Everyone,

AMTEC (Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Center) opened for classes today.Although the official Grand Opening will not take place until October 1st, we are holding classes in the facility as of today. The 37,000 square foot building houses the Welding/ Fabricating shops, Machine shop, and the Composites program. The Precision Machining program has a twenty station computer lab attached. The lab will allow students to access classroom management systems like Canvas and provide the opportunity to learn Solidworks, Mastercam,and Catia as well as basic computer skills and resume building. Like most of the educational institutions in the state, Everett governs the students computer use and accessibility by an AUP. The AUP follows the  RCW 42.52 WAC 292-110-010 (3) WAC 292-110-010 (6)and the Washington State OCIO Securing Information Technology Assets Policy.

For questions regarding the AUP for this lab, please follow the link below.